Entering Green Mammoth

Mammoth lakes Municipal Code 5.38.090 ,

Welcome to Green Mammoth. If you are a first time patient read carefully, because there are a few things to know.

We do not accept:
    - Anyone under 21.
    - Expired Driver's Licenses or ID's.
    - Temporary Drivers License's or ID's.


We have a few simple rules that are designed to ensure everyone’s safety at Green Mammoth.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

1. Please turn off and put away cell phones before entering GM.  Please also remove any Bluetooth devices and store them away. 

2. Recording (audio or visual) devices of any kind are prohibited.  

3. Nothing that covers your face, including any masks or hoods.  Please pull down your hoods so that your face is clearly visible. 

4. Please do not place any bags or purses of any kind on the sales counter.

5. Re-sale of medicine is strictly prohibited.

6. Approaching or soliciting any patients or vendors on the premises, or as they enter or leave GM, is strictly prohibited.

Patients with a Physician Recommendation

Green Mammoth verifies physician recommendations Monday-Saturday until 6:30pm and Sunday until 4:30pm.

Patients with recommendations will need to have their recommendation verified each time it is renewed.

Who we can verify

- You must be 21 or older
- You must have a valid Government  issued license or ID
- You must have your physicians  recommendation, or a California county issued Health Department Medical Marijuana Program Card

If you have all of the appropriate paperwork, simply come to Green Mammoth and present your paperwork at the security window. You will be asked to take a seat, while we verify your paperwork.

Once you have been verified you will be called up to the security window, where we will return your paperwork.

How we verify your paperwork

First we verify that your Doctor is licensed to practice medicine in the state of California, and isn’t under any restrictions from writing medical cannabis recommendations.

Next we verify that your recommendation is current.  Most doctors have a website on which we can verify your patient ID number.  If your doctor doesn’t have online verification available, we can verify the status of your letter  over the phone.

Patients with a County Health Department Medical Marijuana Program card

If you have a card from the the County health Department, you can enter with your CA ID.

First Time Cannabis Patients

1. You must obtain a doctor's recommendation or referral. Ask your local health care provider about switching to alternative healing practices, and suggest cannabis as a possibility.

2. The doctor's recommendation or referral must meet the following criteria:

- dated recently, usually within the last six months

- signed by a certified MD, certified in the state of California

- include the physician's phone number for verification

- states that the physician recommends/approves of the     patient's use of cannabis

- indicates that the physician has discussed the advantages and disadvantages of using medical cannabis and agrees to monitor the patient's use of cannabis

Physician's recommendation for only $49.00

No middle man pricing!